The past week has been a whirlwind. 

We buried my husband’s Grandfather on Monday, and the days before were chock-full of amazing family time, with pretty much everyone in my husband’s ginormous family. But with all that family time, and going here and there with little ones, melt downs and temper tantrums (and even a few super embarrassing moments which will not be named in this post, but maybe one day), are sure to happen. In fact, they are inevitable. 

So last night, after things finally settled down, I went to the grocery store. Alone. And it was…glorious

I like going to the store alone, and as sad as this may sound to many of you, it’s like a mini vacation. No children crying, or screaming, or climbing all over me. No begging for food, even though they just finished a huge snack and claim they are starving. If I hear a kid crying, I get to ignore it because I know those cries are not coming from my offspring. 

While perusing the aisles of grocery store, I tend to get lost in my thoughts.

It allows me time to mentally prepare myself for the coming hours, days, and weeks. To organize my thoughts and just stop being “mama, mama, mama, mommy, mommy, mom, mom, mom, mom…..!” for just a hot minute. 

Last night, however, my thoughts ended up drifting towards goat cheese. Can we just take a minute to appreciate how amazing and delicious goat cheese is? 

Thank you. 

I’ve recently been introduced to a few new ways to enjoy this incredible cheese.

Adding it to scrambled eggs is a game changer. If you haven’t tried this, I strongly encourage you to do so. I promise you won’t regret it. 

But twice over the past week, I’ve experienced a new way to enjoy it as a snack. 

Twice a year, our neighborhood has a “road meeting” at our home, where we talk about paving or gravel needs, tree and other shrubbery pruning needs, finances for the road fund, etc. Aren’t you jealous you have to miss out on that? 😉 

Well the most recent meeting was a “potluck” style, and one of our neighbors brought a simple, yet delightful treat of crusty bread with goat cheese and fig jam, spread across it. What?! I love goat cheese and I have only had fig a few times before. But NEVER together. 

Fast forward a week later, and I took the kids to visit my parents for the weekend, before we had to head home for funeral arrangements. Would you know that my mom had set aside the exact same treat for us to enjoy that evening after the kids were in bed? I was like a kid at Christmas, and probably ate way more than necessary. No regrets. 

So last night, as I was nearing the cheese section of our local health food store, I eyed the goat cheese.

After all, I had used all of mine up on the scrambled eggs this past week. Again…no regrets. 

Then their homemade wholewheat (4 ingredient) baguette practically jumped into my shopping cart. Ok…if I must. 😉 

But then I saw a little purple jar emblazoned with the word “FIG” across the front. My mom brain, miraculously connected the dots, and without hesitation, I grabbed it up and added it to my goodies. 


My lunch for the following day has been decided. 

Ok, so maybe you already knew about this ridiculously awesome combo, and if so, congrats. And shame on you for keeping it to yourself. Shame. 

So that’s it. No fancy recipe needed. Just grab (or make) a good baguette, get some GOOD goat cheese and fig spread and have at it! One day, I will attempt to make my own fig spread, and maybe even grow a fig tree…and get a goat. Then I can have this any time my little ol’ Mountain Heart desires. Until then, this will do. 

Enjoy, friends, and happy Tuesday! 

Also…don’t be fooled by the teeny plate of these goodies. I most definitely went back for seconds.