Salsa. It’s the one snack that Mountain Man asks to have around all the time. 

So I do my absolute best to accommodate his requests.

When I first came up with this recipe, we had been getting a produce box from a local farm, and I was becoming inundated with tomatoes. For most people this would not pose an issue, but for our family…we just don’t eat a lot of tomatoes. Until now. 

That’s the only word I can think of for this delicious salsa.

It’s healthy, and oh so easy! I know salsa is a big Summertime treat, but honestly, couldn’t you eat it all. the. time?

So grab your food processor and ingredients and get cracking! This recipe might just make you the favorite person at your next family gathering. 


Side note: As I was typing this, my husband came home and immediately devoured the entire plate of chips and salsa that you see in the picture. His words, “This is WAY better than any salsa we’ve ever bought.” BOOM.