I might be biting off way more than I can chew here, but here goes.

I want to challenge you. Yes, YOU. Ok well, it’s actually a challenge for me, but I need YOUR help. 😉

Do you ever find yourself cooking / baking the same things over and over? And no matter how yummy they are, you’d like to find something new and exciting to try? Just me? Ok then. Moving right along. This is where you come in. I am asking you to submit your favorite recipe(s) that you’d like me to try to “re-create” in a real-food-healthy-for-you fashion. They can be anything from snacks, to sides, to dips, dressings, breakfasts, desserts or full on meals. What you submit is totally up to you! 

Then, after I’ve gathered a few recipes, I will start working on a new recipe each week. I’m giving myself a week to work out any kinks I come across during the recipe conversion process. So my question is, will you challenge me? You can post your favorite recipe link/recipe in the comment section below or you can shoot me an email! I’ve also posted this on my Crunchy Mountain Life Facebook page, so you can post there, if you prefer!

Each time I re-create a new and “real food” recipe, I’ll post it on the blog, for all the world to see! Ok, so the whole world isn’t reading my blog (yet)…but it’s still exciting. 😉

So there you go….let the challenge begin!