My kids don’t call me “mommy”. My preference is Mama. And if I’m being totally honest with myself (and you all, my loyal readers), “mommy” is like fingernails on a chalkboard to my ears. I have no idea why. I think anytime I hear it, it just sounds whiney. But really, that has literally nothing to do with this post, so I digress. 

Get out from behind that camera, Mama!

As moms, we are often the ones taking pictures of our kids, or our kids with their daddy, etc. Always hiding behind the camera. And for the longest time, I preferred it that way. I was always so self conscious that I would divert my face or try to move out of the frame anytime I saw a camera pointed in my direction. It wasn’t until this past year that I realized that regardless of how I saw myself, my kids saw me in a different way.


They don’t look at me and say, “Mama’s hair looks bad today, or she looks tired…or she really shouldn’t be wearing those pants, or she looks a bit bigger than I care for her to be”…you get my point. They look at me and only see Mama. Their safe place. The person who tucks them in at night, and kisses their boo boos. The one who will watch every time they say, “Mama, look at this! Look what I can do!” and be excited for them every single time, even though I’ve seen the same “awesome move” 100 times. 


Then I realized that I was doing my kids a disservice by never taking pictures with them. What happens when I’m gone one day? What pictures will they possibly have of “Mama” to look back on, and remember the good times we had together? The thought of that made me sad. All this time, I was so focused on dodging the camera, that I never stopped to think about how they would feel about that, years down the road. 


So I contacted our good friend (and the person who actually introduced me to Mountain Man), and asked him if he would do me a huge favor of capturing some images of me with the kids, enjoying my favorite time of year (Fall), while the leaves where still at their peak. Thankfully, he obliged. And what we are left with, are beautiful memories. The kids may not remember this day, but it’s one that I will never forget.   



Yep…I do believe I want to make this an annual thing. Maybe next year, I can talk Mountain Man into having his picture snapped a time or two. So mamas who spend your time behind the lens, I want to encourage you to step out from behind it for a moment. Enjoy that time with your kiddos (regardless of age). I’m looking at you, mom. I want pictures taken with you, too! 😉

A BIG thank you to our dear friend, Craig, for capturing these beautiful moments with my kiddos, that I will cherish forever.