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It’s almost that time of year… Mother’s Day. 

Now I want to just say a quick word to you amazing dads and husbands. Please, please do not let this Mother’s Day go by without expressing your appreciation to your wife and mother of your children. How that looks to you, is totally up to you. But as a mother, myself, I will say that some sort of token of appreciation is always…appreciated. Even if that token isn’t a tangible gift. If it touches my heart and uplifts my soul, I’m in!

So if you’re a bit lost on what to get the woman who bore your offspring, I wanted to provide you with a few ideas, so you don’t get forced to sleep on the couch for the next 3 nights. Buckle up, because I’ve got some great Mother’s Day gift ideas: many that won’t cost you a dime…and also don’t suck.

1. Manicure / Pedicure

Fellas, I promise that you cannot go wrong with this option as a gift. Just be sure to pick a gift certificate from a well established nail salon, or if she has a favorite, then that’s where your money should go! 

2. Wild Flowers 

I can remember my very first “Mother’s Day” vividly.  Before I officially became a mother, through the process of actually bringing J-Man into the world through 16 long, hard, and excruciating painful hours of labor.  Mountain Man set out for an early morning walk, leaving me to sleep peacefully (since those days were behind me, with my ever-growing belly). When he returned, I awoke to a beautiful bouquet of hot pink flame azaleas in a vintage cocoa tin. Be still my heart. He has always been an incredible and thoughtful gift giver.

Please forgive the amateur photos…this was back before a smart phone was a part of my life, haha.

We didn’t find out what gender baby #1 was…so we went with the nickname “Rufus”…

3. Alone Time

No, fellas, I am not talking about special alone time with you and your lady. As much as she loves you (I mean, she married you, and she’s a mom, so…), that is more of a Father’s Day thing. 😉 I’m talking about ALONE time. Like, by herself. No kids, no husband, nobody. Just her. This is something she rarely (if ever) gets. This is a woman who probably hasn’t gone to the bathroom alone since your first child was born. A woman who probably hasn’t had the luxury of finishing an entire book that doesn’t contain pictures. A woman who considers going to the grocery store without children a mini vacation. Let that sink in for a minute.

Maybe she’s one of those women who loves spending every waking minute with her children. That’s great. That’s not me…or most women I know. And I’m guessing that yours isn’t that woman either. So I bet she would love some alone time to do whatever she wanted. Something that doesn’t require her to cook, or clean, or break up fighting siblings. So hand her a book, some essential oils, tell her to pamper herself with a quiet bubble bath, and get those kids out of the house. 

4. Dinner IN

It has always baffled me how long the wait is on Mother’s Day, at various restaurants. Personally, the idea of lugging all 3 of my non-compliant children into a restaurant, to try to get them to eat something, just so I don’t have to cook, makes me cringe. Thanks, but no thanks. 

As an alternative, you actually have 2 (or 3) great meal options to choose from, that will not cause the mother of your children additional stress and anxiety. 

You can A.) Wait until the children are in bed for the night, and prepare her one of her favorite meals…and clean up after yourself. Please don’t leave all those dirty dishes in the sink to greet her when she wakes up in the morning. 

or B.) Wait until the children are in bed for the night, and order take out from one of her favorite restaurants, and enjoy a quiet night of delicious food with no clean up. 

And if you want a nice family meal together, then maybe go with option B (obviously before the kids are in bed), and maybe choose to get take out from a restaurant that everyone enjoys! 

Honestly, either way, you really can’t go wrong here. 

5. Kitchen Appliance

Okay, okay, I know this is taboo. And this may truly not be a home run with every woman. But I’m woman enough to not read into it like society would expect us to, because “we are women, and we can do more than have babies and cook!” and realize that my man was actually trying to do something super helpful for me. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and having gadgets and updated appliances actually make that time a bit more enjoyable, and way less stressful. So for me, this will always be a big hit. I usually beg Mountain Man for some sort of new appliance once a year, be it Mother’s Day, my birthday, or Christmas. Seriously, I am not too good to turn away a KitchenAid anything. 


Case in point…my Facebook post the first time I used my new mixer, after receiving if for Christmas from Mountain Man.

6. Massage

Here’s another one that you have a few options. Neither is wrong…but how you choose to execute one of them is very, very important. I’ll explain. 

So you could go with the always wonderful gift certificate to a massage place. This not only gives her quiet time out of the house, but also allows her to be pampered and have some time to relax. Plus, having someone rub the knots that accumulate in your shoulders and back ain’t to shabby either. 😉 

Or…if you are on a budget and need to save those pennies, then you can always give her a relaxing massage yourself. Now listen closely, because this next part is of über importance. Do not, under any circumstance expect anything other than giving her a massage. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Unless, of course, she is on board…this is her day. And maybe she just wants to enjoy a relaxing massage without worrying you have some sort of expectations. Just my two cents. 

7. Take a Hike

Okay, no. I’m not telling you to leave. I’m actually suggesting you go outside and enjoy nature. If you don’t live in an area where hiking trails are prevalent, pack a picnic and take a short drive to somewhere that offers some nice outdoor activities. This will be a great way to spend time together as a family, while at the same time, giving your wife a time of refreshment that fresh air is so great at providing. Drawing a blank? Take a drive to the mountains, explore a local historic location, find a lake to enjoy with a picnic and walk, find a local park or national park to spend the day at…so many great possibilities! 

8. Homemade Art Work

Ok, so technically this isn’t a gift from you, the man who made her a mama. But it’s still a great one, especially if you have small children not yet in school. School aged children usually do crafts and such at school for mom, but the little ones who stay home all day don’t. I will always cherish the picture my husband helped my boys color, when they were super small. He taped a piece of paper so that portions of it wouldn’t get colored. The boys went to town coloring all the leftover white areas, and when the tape was removed… a beautiful piece of artwork was revealed! 

So here’s to celebrating the woman who works tirelessly to love and care for your family. The woman who went through hours of excruciating pain to bring your children into this world. The one who lays awake at night going over the events of the day and wondering if she’s a failure as a mother (she isn’t). The woman who compares herself to every other mom she knows, and is constantly trying to measure herself and success as a mother, against society and it’s impossible standards.

Take time out to really show your appreciation for her. 

Let her know that she is beautiful (even when she looks worn and haggard at the end of a long day of just functioning in survival mode). Tell her that she is an amazing mother, and how blessed the children are to have her as their mama. And if you’re already doing these things, good for you! Supporting and encouraging the mothers in our lives shouldn’t be limited to once a year.

Momming is hard.

The hardest job I’ve ever had. (Yes, it’s a JOB) But it’s also the best job I’ve ever had. I have been blessed with these amazing kids, that sometimes make me want to pull my hair out, or find a way to nail their overalls to the wall so they can just stop for a minute. While at the same time, making me smile at their unconditional love, their curiosity, the wonder that fills their eyes when they see and experience new things. These are my gifts from God. My house is a mess, my hair is starting to turn grey…but my heart is completely full.