I feel bad right now, that I am writing a post for Father’s Day, but completely neglected Mother’s Day. Not really sure why…maybe I just felt too overwhelmed and scattered (as is the life of a mom) to really stop and take time to reflect on my short experience up to this point, as a mother. But as I was sitting here, making my grocery list for the next week, my mind started to wander (again….as is the life of a mom…or any woman, actually). I started thinking about my dad, and my husband, and the many other men in my life who have had an impact on my life or the lives of my children.

And then I got sad. I started thinking about how big a deal Mother’s Day is made (not that it’s not deserved), and I think often times the dads just get the shaft. Seriously. Have you ever stopped to think about it? As mothers, we get pampered…we may even get a nap, or food cooked for us…pretty flowers, nice jewelry, or even that kitchen appliance we’ve had our eye on. But dads?? TV portrays them as clumsy, babbling idiots. (ridiculous!) And gifts? The old stand-by is a tie (barf)…and that fact alone should make you sad. I feel often times, dads don’t really get the recognition they deserve. If your dad was around when you were little, then you are blessed! If your husband is active in your kids lives…be so very thankful and appreciative of what that means for not only you, but your KIDS. So many kids these days grow up with no father figure in their lives. So many little boys don’t have a dad that will wrestle with them, play ball, or go on outdoor adventures with them. So many little girls don’t have that man in their lives who love them like only a daddy can. Who tells them they are beautiful, and who takes them on daddy-daughter dates (I can’t wait until Little Miss T is old enough to go on a date with her daddy). These moments are so important!

I was fortunate to have had my dad present in my life. He helped teach us the importance of hard work, and that being on time was a sign of respect. (to this day I cannot stand being late anywhere) He showed us that God can do amazing things when you just let Him. He taught us about love, forgiveness, trust, and the importance of family. He was always there. Through the bad dreams, summer vacations, boyfriends, and heartaches. I have such fond memories of times spent with my dad. Impromptu photo shoots in a field of sunflowers, “driving” the car down our street, giant “I (heart) U” chocolates for Valentine’s day, tagging along to the job site, learning how to shoot a gun, picnics in the mountains…tears from BOTH of us during the father/daughter dance at my wedding…my dad is pretty amazing. And I’m thankful he is around for my kids to get to know!


I know in-laws get a bad rap sometimes…but I’m so thankful for my father-in-law. He was always present in my husbands life (and still is). He helped raise and shape my husband into the man he is today. Into the father he is to our children. For that, I will be forever grateful.

Is my husband perfect? Nope. No one is. We all fall short in one area or another. But I will say that he is the perfect husband for me, and the perfect father for our kids. He is my rock. He is my best friend. The one I can tell anything to, and know that he won’t judge me. He may think I’m a bit crazy at times, but he knew that going in.

weddingCML gosh, we were just babies…

He is the hardest worker I know. He works hard 6 days a week, so we can spend Sundays together as a family. He knows, appreciates, and loves that fact that I have passions that stretch beyond the typical “stay-at-home-mom” limits. He encourages me in those passions. He lifts me up, but at the same time, helps to keep me grounded. He leads our family in a godly manner. Always keeping his focus on God. Always trusting in God to provide (and you know what, He always does). He loves me and our children unconditionally. Even when we may want to make him pull his beard out…he still loves us.

(and ladies…real men wear babies. Just sayin’. This was circa 2011, during our first road trip to Montana with an 8 week old J-man)


After a long, sweaty day of hard work, I know he just wants to crash, as soon as he walks through that door. But instead, he lays on the floor, where the kids have easy access to him, and the shenanigans begin. He will even dress up as a character from a favorite movie for his kids. AND he’ll do it with a  smile.

(from left to right: Little Miss T as a LEGO, Mama as WyldStyle, J-Man as Emmet, Mountain Man as Vitruvius, and The Nugget as The Kragle)


He gives 100% of himself all the time. And they adore him. J-man even wants to be a DAD when he grows up. (his life flashed before my eyes when I saw this…along with a tornado of emotions)


And as much as he may not admit it…our little Miss T is definitely a daddy’s girl. It doesn’t matter what she’s doing. As soon as she hears that door open, she drops whatever she’s doing, and makes a bee line for her daddy. It melts my heart. Every. Single. Day.


Seeing the pure joy on the kids faces when they see him, makes me know I made the right decision to marry him. To have a family with him. I am beyond blessed that I get to do life with him, and that he is all MINE.

Ok…so I got a little mushy gushy. I can’t help it. I know what I’ve got, and I am so thankful for him.

So this Father’s Day, if you have a man in your life who was there for you as a kid – whether your biological dad, an adoptive dad, or even someone who stepped in if your father wasn’t around…if you have a man in your life who is there for your kids, (I’m even counting those of you with fur-babies!) then I hope you will take time this weekend to really let them know you appreciate them. Let them know how much they mean to you. And for the love of all that is good and pure…get them a gift that’s better than a tie.

Happy Father’s Day!